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Caitlin, Verkoopprijs 649,- euro

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Aniya, Verkoopprijs 165,- euro

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We make everything on your size. We make an appointment and take the maesures. The deliverytime is around 3 weeks

Mysterious Fantasy

Luxurious leather, ethereal lace, erotic and sensual, lustful and naughty…


The prototypes are for rent.

The prototypes ar made in little sizes: ladies size 36/38 and gentlemen 50/52.


You can make an appointment by sending a mail to

Or call/app 0636109783

Naughty fashion since 1986

Leather & Janneke

Leather, de beautyfull material with his mystic appearance. The material who allready had a full lifetime behind. The material with its own caracter. The caracter wich shines from one who weares leather. Strong, daring, tempting.

Wikipedia says leather is “Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide.”

Leather has lived a life. You can see it. Scars etc. You have to watch is, observe it, look at it and you have to know which part you can use. The leather of the back of the animal is completly different than the leather out of the armpit. You can see the movements they made in their life.

Besides the cattle, there is the leather of sheep. That’s the kind of leather you often see in the shop as lamb nappa. It’s quiet soft, but that also the disadvantage. When you use is for a pair of trousers, you ‘ll  soon see ‘knees’. And there is another bad thing: it has got two layers and they loosen up. The epidermis and the dermis.  It looks like it’s ‘cloudy’. But you can also use leather from a cow. It’s a bit rougher to see, but also very soft and flexible. This is the leather we use.

And there is a bit heavier leather mostly used for furniture, it’s also very suitable for outrageous leather jackets. It’s strong and flexible and  has a quiet cool appearance.

And the Saddle leather. The kind of leather for horsesaddles. Mostly beautifull carved. This leather is tanned on a vegetable way. The color is naturally light brown, but it can be painted in al colors. Thickness mostly 3 to 5 mm. We make masks, corsets and harnasses of it.

Sometimes we use snakeleather and suede.

Janneke Alles Aukes started making clothes when she was on the primary school. Later on she combined her work with disabled people with doing some confection as an occupational therapist. In 1986 she started making leather clothing. She went to the Fashion academy and did some classes about leather for clothing and handcrafting.

Leather, craftsmanship, fairy tales, mythes and sagas… A mysterious fantasy

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